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Personal Training: One-on-One

Excel-R-ation also offers one-on-one personal training for anyone looking to improve his or her physical fitness. Our personal trainer works within your goals to design a personalized weight training and cardio program. We offer packages of private or semi-private training sessions. Please give us a call at 616-594-2000 to discuss your options.

Personal Training: Sports Performance Training

We’re here to help you reach your peak athletic performance. We’ll train you to excel in your sport with more speed, more power and more agility. After a thorough assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, we create a unique training program that puts your body to the test and unlocks your full athletic potential.

After our Sports Performance Training expect to...
  • Increase your maximum sprint speed
  • Increase multi-directional quickness, agility and power
  • Increase anaerobic tolerance
  • Increase core strength
  • Increased proprioception, improve body composition and self-confidence
  • Improve running mechanics

Follow through with Back-On-Track

It’s often helpful to remain active on guided exercises even after completing your program. We offer graduated patients a fitness option with access to our gym to keep them on the path to success. For $30/month, we’ll provide you with a plan and the resources to help you get back-on-track. To get started and take a tour of the gym, give us a call or connect with your therapist.

Sportsmetrics for ACL Injury Prevention

Excel-R-ation is one of four certified practices in the state for Sportsmetrics, the first ACL injury prevention program scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in athletes. We utilize digital imaging and computer analysis of jumping and landing in tandem with intense training, stretching, plyometrics and strengthening. To get started, call our office at 616-594-2000.


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